Medical Paraprofessional/Clinic Aide

Grandview Heights City Schools
Job Description
Grandview Heights Schools is immediately seeking a Medical Paraprofessional/Clinic Aide to work five (5) hours/ day Monday through Friday at Stevenson Elementary School and in other district buildings as needed.  This Paraprofessional would work in the school clinic caring for health and safety needs of students.  CPR and First Aid certifications are needed as well as patient care training and/or experience.  This position requires maintaining and administering medication and caring for students with diabetes, feeding tubes, and other health issues as well as assisting in the nurse's area during the day as assigned.

If interested and qualified, please complete the application that can be found at https://www.applitrack.com/duesc/onlineapp/jobpostings/view.asp?internaltransferform.Url=advanced&choosedistrict=true&applitrackclient=38113&category=Classified+Staff+%28non%2Dteaching%29  and include a resume if possible.  Please note that employees must be successfully background checked and Board of Education approved prior to beginning employment.  This process can take up to 30 days.  The position will be open until filled.  
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